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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

In another critical step toward the introduction of the New Homes Ombudsman, an interim New Homes Quality Board was announced yesterday. The new Board will be chaired by Natalie Elphicke MP with responsibility for the quality of new build homes and the consumer’s redress.

The New Homes Quality Board will:

  • be responsible for the composition of a permanent board

  • seek to consult on and complete a new code of practice with more stringent needs of parties involved in not only the construction but, also inspection, sale and after care of new homes

The board will comprise consumer representatives, developers, the warranty companies, and financial organisations with an even balance across the group.

This comes as a natural ‘next step’ as the government continue to emphasise the need for the industry to improve build quality and customer service standards. It is hoped that this will help influence the market in terms of the introduction of new measures. Better customer service and much stronger consumer redress are equally high priorities.

Over the longer term it is envisaged that a permanent board will be implemented late. The new ensemble to be in place for a 2021 launch.

Elphicke commented “I am committed to ensuring that the new arrangements will deliver a step change in the quality of new homes and customer experience.” HBF Chairman Stewart Baseley said’ “the move demonstrates the commitment of the industry to provide buyers with confidence in their builder and the quality of their new home.”

There will be a ‘builder’s transition period before signing up to the new code. Now is the time for any business not au fait with the way the industry will be expected to perform, to look around for ‘partners’ with whom they can quickly establish a robust service environment, focussed on delivering the best possible After Care.

After Build is ready to discuss this ever-growing topic and assist in the process of building services and a support structure to deliver the level of After Care envisaged in the new regime.

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