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Here are the questions we
are frequently asked.

What is the
Builder's Rectification Period?

This refers to a period of time following the legal completion of a new build residential property (previously known as the Builder’s Liability Period). The warranty provider (NHBC, Premier Guarantee etc.) requires the developer to be responsible for resolving any legitimate build defects during this time.

How long does the Builder's
Rectification Period last?

This is the first two years between the date of legal completion (when the purchaser completes on the sale) and the 2nd anniversary of this date.  

The easiest way to establish this is to check with the warranty provider or to look at the warranty certificate. It’s usually the property developer but it could also be the main contractor who worked on the build or in some cases a 3rd party. Ultimately whoever is named by the warranty provider is legally responsible for these obligations. Although individual commercial agreements may come into play.

Who is responsible for the
Builder's Rectification Period?

A snag is a legitimate issue with the finished property on the day it is sold to a purchaser. At this time nothing should be wrong but if anything is, this is called a snag. Snags can be identified by a purchaser on an initial snag list. The time allowed to identify snags differs depending on the developer.

What is a snag?

A defect is a legitimate issue which arises during the Builder’s Rectification Period (post legal completion). These are defined by the warranty provider’s guidelines but essentially it’s a failure of any material, product or workmanship in the property.

What is a defect?

Do I have to give a purchaser a home demonstration?

A good home demonstration should accomplish the following:

  • Positively introduce the property to the purchaser

  • Eliminate user error

  • Explain the after care procedures and manage expectations of future contact.

Do I have to have out of
hours cover?

It is a requirement of the warranty provider that defects are responded to in a reasonable timescale. If your purchaser is experiencing an emergency problem caused by a defect then it would be reasonable to respond to this the same night or weekend.

Throughout the build of a plot there’ll be a number of different inspections, the last one being a ‘build snag’. This should be conducted by the build team or contractor and correct all remaining snags after which they will indicate that the plot is complete and ready for sale.

Do I have to provide a
snag survey?

Can I manage my defects just
using software?

The short answer is NO. You can manage your defects using a combination of software and people. It’s not possible to use just software because somebody has to manage the process. You don’t have to have special software (although it helps) but you do need warranty trained resource who understand the requirements of new homes after care.

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