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The NHQB have announced their appointment of a New Homes Ombudsman following a long tender process.

The Dispute Service have been announced as the appointed partner for the office of the New Homes Ombudsman. The New Homes Quality Board made the announcement of their selection this week following a competitive tender process to look for the right body.

They, in partnership with the NHQB will develop the New Homes Ombudsman service and will aim to begin handling customer complaints at some point over the next year.

The Dispute Service has a pedigree in developing and establishing services which formalise and regulate procedures between customers and businesses. Most notably, they run the Tenancy Deposit Scheme , alongside other high profile dispute minimising or resolving organisations.

After Build welcome this decision and look forward to the delivery of the timetable of events that both the NHQB and the Dispute Service have alluded to in their joint announcements. We expect to see more information in the new year. Particularly, we will be watching for the new housebuilder code of practice which was consulted on over the summer but has not yet been published.

After Build has submitted several questions to the NHQB, seeking clarity on points which we feel will be pertinent to our client base and the wider industry. We will update this page regularly as more information becomes available.

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