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Following the immense amount of work carried out by the New Homes Quality Board, we were interested in seeing the summary of responses to the latest consultation process. In this instance our attention was drawn to the question regarding the importance of 'The developer's ability to meet the new Code'. This was designed to assess the industry's overall sense of how balanced the new Code appeared, and their ability to comply. 13% felt that the Code was 'too strict' and that their business would struggle to meet the new requirements.

This touches on just one of many aspects of the New Homes Quality Code. We understand that assessing and implementing the Code will not be easy for every new housebuilder and to that end, After Build is inviting any business, concerned about their ability to achieve compliance, to talk to us. We have 20 years expertise in the delivery of professional After Care in the new homes sector and can provide tailored services to plug any gap or deficit. Our Director of Customer Development, Mark Fawcitt will be only too pleased to hear from you. Our service is unique, and our advice is free. ( / 07342 037810).

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