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Managed by experts. Supported
by advanced technology.

It all starts with our app

We register each occupant on our system so they can access a wide range of information, support, guidance and ultimately, have the ability to report problems using the Occupant Portal. All of this is achieved using our app (Managing Your New Home).

The Occupant Portal

The homeowner can report a problem at any time of any day. They describe the issue and add any photos or video, where it helps.

If we need to ask any questions we will make contact with the homeowner, otherwise a job instruction is sent by the system to the relevant contractor.

The Contractor Portal

The system sends an email to the relevant contractor who can open it in the Contractor Portal and see the details of the job and (any other jobs they are responsible for).

Appointment confirmed by email

The homeowner receives details of the appointment recognising that we have avoided any times or dates they identified as inconvenient. 

Client reporting

The developer can access detailed reports of all activity, at their convenience, using the Client Portal.

A schedule of weekly reports can be created within the Client Portal to ensure automated updates arrive with predictable frequency.

The Managing Your New Home App

Portal demonstration?

At the heart of our technology are three portals which provide access to the system and enable the key parties (occupant, client and contractor) to report defects, analyse data and organise work.

Using our demonstration versions, take a look at how these work.

Occupant Portal demonstration

Password:  Afterbuild123!

Client Portal demonstration


Password:  Afterbuild123

Contractor Portal demonstration

Password:  MasonMount19

After Build's commitment to invest in the best systems technology can provide is just one example of how hard we work to deliver a reliable and efficient service. 

After Build's 3 Portals
After Build employ trained asfter Care Warranty Controllers

Advanced as our technology is, sometimes a homeowner or a contractor needs a conversation with a real person!​


Our team of After Care Warranty Controllers are tasked with the challenge of keeping everything running smoothly - and these are the people who will take those calls.


​They are trained to the warranty build standards of the leading warranty policies, which means that they understand what constitutes a legitimate build defect - and what does not!​


They are friendly, professional and highly capable of managing any issue that confronts them. They will own all problems until a resolution is found and applied.​

Technology is nothing without great people!

We also provide these services.

After Build Emergency Cover
After Build Quality Assurance Inspector
After Build Home Demonstration

These services are available independently or as part of a service package. Quality Assurance Inspections and Home Demonstrations are only available in certain geographical areas - ask for further details.

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