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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

We have published countless articles in our news pages about snags and snagging. It is a problem that has taxed housebuilders more than ever in recent times. There are numerous reasons that explain how and why sites are presenting such large numbers of snags and only one way we know to avoid this (this is a more complex issue than there is time or space to write about) so we’ve kept to the crux of the matter. Every plot should have a thorough inspection and in terms of timing this should follow (not replace) the builder’s snag survey and be completed prior to a new home purchaser setting foot over the threshold.

In so many cases this just doesn’t happen. Here’s a rundown of how it [often] goes. The site team run out of time to snag the building because the sales team put them under pressure to hand it over quicker than they should. Increasingly, buyers are moving into properties with upwards of 50 snags. The most they should expect is no more than one or two very minor cosmetic issues, which in turn get addressed within a week of occupation. No reasonable person has a problem with that. But to expect a buyer to live with dozens of snags (some quite impairing) for months and months will no longer be accepted under the NHO regime.

This will force change on a great many businesses where, again, practice and procedure have been somewhat hit and miss. Every property must undergo a ‘Quality Assurance Inspection’ before it is handed over to the buyer … but more of that in a later article).

When a site does find itself buried under hundreds of snags there comes a point where the housebuilder has lost control and gets overwhelmed by their situation.

There are two aspects to this:

  1. Managing the process and, where plots are occupied, organising contractor appointments etc.

  2. Managing the contractors (After Build does not employ tradesmen) so if for any reason you either don’t want to distract your production team with the physical clear-up of snags, or, that team has left site (maybe gone out of business) or you don’t have any contractors, we can help find suitable alternatives.

The After Build team is accustomed to working through lists of snags to mitigate the damage that will otherwise ensue when customers are left with a large number of problems in their new purchases.

The key is to intervene the moment you acknowledge that you’re no longer in control of your snag position. Do not think that if left they will some how sort themselves out through the natural process of managing defects … firstly they won’t and secondly the NHQB (New Homes Quality Board) draft code will not allow the situation to prevail.

After Build has a ‘turnkey’ service to help regain control, so talk to us at the earliest possible opportunity, and we’ll work with you to sort problems through.

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