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And the offers just keep on coming!

We’ve had such great feedback on our first January Sale Offering that we’ve decided to extend it, not just in time but also in product.

If you’re a new client in London (within the M25 or some parts of the Home Counties) we want to hear from you so that we can offer you a fantastic deal on our site services: Purchaser Demonstration and Snag Survey.

Our Purchaser Demonstration is a thorough and professional introduction to the newly built home for your purchasers. We’re not fazed by any type of plot and will be happy to attend an M&E demonstration. Our expert advice and engaging customer-focused staff guarantee a reduction in user error and an easy introduction to the next two years.

Our Snag Surveys are designed to eliminate problems before they become problems. We spend 1-2 hours in the plot before completion opening windows and doors, running all of the M&E systems and inspecting every inch of decorating works. Once we’ve compiled and sent a list to your site team it gives a last opportunity to resolve the problems we’ve picked up on before a new homeowner does the same.

Both of these services are typically priced at £250 each but for two months we’d like to offer both together for just £400! What’s more, if you can guarantee us more than 4 plots in one day, we’ll only charge you £300 for the two.

Call us today for a no obligation quote and to set up a meeting to make use of these incredible discounts!

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