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Updated: Nov 21, 2023

As a world we are more connected today than at any time in the history of mankind, and yet in some instances we’re still very poor at communicating. So, we can’t blame the technology – there’s telephone, email, and the internet.

So why are some businesses just so bad at it? In some instances, it’s not that they are bad at it, it’s that they just don’t want to do it, because it costs money because it needs people, and people are expensive! Technology has become the default position i.e. organisations make it virtually impossible to speak with them by hiding their telephone and email addresses, preferring instead to offer pre-selected questions which the consumer is required to pick from, to magically obtain an instant answer. But what if the question you want to ask isn’t one of the ones on offer. Ah, well that’s almost certainly because that would be one of the questions that organisation doesn’t want to ever answer, so they don’t let you pick it in the first place!

Others are just bad at it because they haven’t realised how important it is – to their customers. After Build have a blend of communication techniques. We make a lot of information available on our Occupant App and website (Managing Your New Home) but we still make available a route to our Property Coordinators. Information and communication are similar yet different in their purpose. We know that there is a lot of information we can put out there that the occupant will find useful – it answers certain questions we can predict will get asked. But that is not the same thing as not allowing ANY question to be asked. This means contacting a Property Coordinator – something that all occupants can do by telephone (who doesn’t have access to a telephone).

Being able to explain how a defect reporting process works in the wider scope of an after care service is something that the Quality Code is very specific about. How to contact, who to contact etc. are aspects a developer registered in the NHQB scheme must communicate to every one of their customers.

Want to know more about our After Care programme? Speak to Mark Fawcitt (Director of Customer Development) on 07342 037810 (

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