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Updated: Nov 21

Now you can buy aftercare and emergency cover online and be set up in a matter of hours. It couldn't be simpler!

Follow this link to aftercare or this link to emergency and review the plans available.

For aftercare we offer a selection of three plans from just £99 per month to £299 per month to cover up to 10 plots on a single development.

For emergency registration we offer three plans also ...

  • VOIDS for 24/7 cover (6 months) £35 per plot registration

  • OOH (out of hours) cover (24 months) £55 per plot registration

  • 24/7 cover (24 months) £95 per plot registration

In all cases this is for up to 50 plots. Use a credit/debit card to make your payment using our secure payment process and away we go. Our team contact you as soon as we receive confirmation of your purchase and take the details we need to provide service (contractors, occupants contact etc.).

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