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As an outsource service provider we’ve heard developers concerns over outsourcing their customer care – and it’s almost always about protecting their brand.

This is tricky for us to get our heads around because there are no end of other business critical functions that are readily outsourced. Stationery production and purchasing. Leasing of computer equipment, IT and conferencing services. Okay you say …”but they have no impact on our brand.”

So let’s think a little bigger. Your estate management, your recruitment, your sales staff and concierges are all typically outsourced functions. Other companies are designing Home Owner Manuals and answering out of hours calls – which as far as we can see is most of the customer journey covered.

Now for the big one! The majority of this industry outsource the actual building of their product to a firm of contractors. And this generates the overwhelming majority of the customer journey, customer feedback and complaints. And why do you do this? Because quite rightly – you employ the experts in the field of construction to do it for you (under your name and your brand).

As property developers, the brand is all about the excellent product that you build and the homes that people come to love. By enriching your service with first class customer care, your customers will see your dedication to them long after they’ve picked up their keys. We are a fool proof and cost effective way to deliver this service.

So consider outsourcing in a different light, alongside all of the other functions you’d like your business to excel in. Your dedicated customer service team is just a phone call away.

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