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After Build has been engaged by Orbit, one off the UK’s leading housing providers, to provide after care services. With a mission to create high quality, good value homes to thousands of customers in the Midlands, the East and South East, Orbit offer a choice of properties and tenures to suit individual needs, whether that is affordable rent, private rent, part buy or full ownership.

Orbit is a housing company with a strong social purpose; they reinvest their profits to improve the quality of their homes and services and to build much needed new homes. Their customers are at the heart of everything they do; they commit to delivering homes and services to satisfy their customers’ expectations, (those commitments are detailed in their Customer Promise).

Orbit’s mission is ‘Building Communities’ but it isn’t just about building homes; they work with their partners to help improve the social, economic and environmental prospects for their customers and the communities in which they live.

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