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It’s quite a time to be a house builder; the pressure of a better and more exclusive product being produced in greater volumes than ever before and the mounting costs of success is our industry’s constant woe.

It’s our experience that no one turns down the help that we can offer – in short, a fixed price, performance driven outsourced warranty management service – unless It’s too much of a luxury to consider.

We know the cost of After-Care and we know the cost of muddling through with little or no process in place and so we’re introducing a “Service-Lite” option for those who want to get the best of what we have to offer on a limited budget.

Our new service makes the best of After Build’s unique experience and for a significantly reduced cost, you can now receive:

  • Professional call answering, 24/7

  • Effective and accurate remote defect diagnosis

  • Timely issue of Job Instructions to your trades, a fully auditable paper trail

  • Data feedback to you teams so you can engage with the issues of previous schemes to make the best of your trades and products in the future.

There is additionally a “Liter” options for those who have a solid relationship with a contractor, or a site-team still in situ, where you liaise with the contractor but we still manage and diagnose the calls for you. Speak to us about your budget and After -Care needs and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your business. After all, the cost of excellent customer service is priceless… but we can still make it affordable.

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