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Toni Palmer joined After Build working in the Coordinator team where she managed new-build defects during the Builder’s Liability period.

Given her background (procurement) this was a bit of a challenge and one she responded to exceptionally well. After 18 months of handling defects, managing homeowners and contractors, Toni moved out of the department into our new business area. Enquiries are coming in regularly and developers like to ask all sorts of questions about how the service works and an entire range of “what ifs”. There’s no one better to answer these than someone who has actually delivered it.

Now Toni is visiting developers to talk through their specific needs and concerns – usually where there is either no internal customer care resource, or one that is limited and under pressure.

After Build are able to tailor service and systems to provide what a client needs to plug a gap or underpin an existing operation and given Toni’s first-hand experience she is able to help identify a solution and implement the service.

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