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Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Our approach to providing professional, reliable after care is based on the unique homeowner app: "Managing Your New Home". Free to homeowners and available in both platforms (i-OS and Android) this is the gateway to reporting problems and accessing a rich seam of information designed for new homeowners.

This App will operate on any smart phone, tablet or i-pad and gives the user complete freedom to either access information or report a problem whenever and wherever they are 24/7.

The Managing Your New Home website is one of the available options and this offers so much useful information, a warranty checklist, hints and tips, 'How-To' videos, legal guidance and more. Other App features include useful phone numbers, push messages and frequently asked questions.

If they have a problem that needs to be reported, the occupant portal means this can be done at any time of day or night. Not only can the problem be described in text, but can be accompanied by photographs and or video clips to help explain the issue clearly.

Managing Your New Home - it's what all new homeowners want, and all new housebuilders need. Watch the video now or visit the website. Contact Mark Fawcitt for more information on: 07342 037810.

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