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The new-homes sector is under no less pressure than it has ever been to grow output and improve quality. It is this climate that has helped After Build conclude another successful year of growth (2016-17), working with developers and Housing Associations to provide cost-effective Customer Care to homeowners and tenants.

Fast approaching our 15th anniversary, we know that fresh perspectives and constant innovation are two of the key qualities that have helped to drive constant improvement and growth and so, with this in mind, we’re taking the opportunity to announce some senior management changes with immediate effect.

Mark Fawcitt will assume the role of Head of Operations with responsibility for delivery of all client services. Mark has extensive general management experience across many industry sectors, and has been part of the senior management team since 2014. Many of our clients will already know Mark and he looks forward to working closely with all concerned to identify opportunities for service improvement and greater efficiencies.

Augusta Lynch-Glenister will assume the role of Head of Sales and Marketing with responsibility specifically for After Build’s new business development programme. Like Mark, Augusta has been part of the senior management team since her appointment in early 2014. Augusta’s experience of the product and the intricacies of its many forms of delivery will prove invaluable to After Build’s prospective customers.

Together, Mark and Augusta have been instrumental in major achievements for the business, having worked closely together through a period of significant growth; their unique blend of knowledge and experience will continue into their new roles. Each will be in contact with clients shortly to explain the changes specific to their business.

Finally, Kerri Mansell will assume a new enhanced role of Delivery Manager responsible for the team engaged with the high-quality delivery of the After Build Services to our developer partners. In this role Kerri will report directly to Mark Fawcitt.

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