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When we created After Build's After Care service, we recognised the single biggest concern housebuilders had was the inability to control the cost of their After Care.

So, we built a service based on a fixed-price. This means we agree a cost per plot which we charge for either 12 0r 24 months cover. You will not be charged any more, regardless of how many defects are reported or calls we receive from your homeowners, with the following exceptions:

1. We manage your original contractors and they accept this as a part of their obligation to you under the 'after care' terms of your build agreement. However, if for any reason they can't/won't accept our instructions then you/we will need to find a suitable alternative contractor. That will mean that they invoice you for their labour and materials. If you still hold retention over the original contractor then we will provide you with sufficient audit evidence that they were offered the opportunity to attend, yet declined. If however their warranty term has expired, or they have gone out of business, you will have to pick up that cost yourself. Rest assured, we will NEVER commit you to additional cost without first obtaining your written consent.

2. In the event of an Out of Hours Emergency call, we will apply a small handling charge of (not to be repeated for the same emergency over the ensuing 12 hour period). If we deploy a contractor that will incur a small charge. If we are unable to deploy one of your original contractors then we will find a suitable alternative and send them. This will of course incur a charge for their labour and materials and we will send you their invoice, Clearly, given the nature of when these calls are received, we cannot consult with you first, so we usually pre-agree an upper financial limit for emergency calls.

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