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After care for London exclusive developments

When completion quality and customer care are not just critical to project success, but pivotal in the customer's after care expectations, Zennus sets the standard high for London exclusive developments.

Consumer expectations drive our fervent belief that it is what we do in the last 1% that makes the first 99% a success. This means delivering an exemplary service.

It requires knowledge, expertise, and joined-up thinking. Our approach to the task is professional, structured and designed to impress.


We take nothing at face value. Our team are trained, experienced, and take an intelligent approach to the resolution of every reported issue.

Zennus business meeting

A seamless journey from completion
to customer care.


We will inspect as often as you wish, but as a minimum, every plot receives a Code compliant  Quality Assurance Inspection before your customer sets foot over the threshold. We provide a detailed report to assist construction in the remedy of every identified issue.


It's not just what we say, but the way we say it. Strong communication is the golden thread running through all that we do.  Each message is a component in a well conceived strategy to ensure clarity of intention.


We make it easy to report problems. Our experience managing post completion defects is based on 20 years and hundreds of thousands of problems. Unquestionably, there is no better way to peace of mind.


Clarity of action. You will have access to a detailed portal providing real time analytics of every issue reported and the actions agreed in its remediation.

Busy lives need consideration.

While we understand the need to deliver our service, we also recognise customers have busy lives and, to this end we work with utmost consideration and flexibility to accommodate this.

Let our technology take the strain.

Timely, accessible Information is crucial to the smooth operation of everything we do. So we harness the power of technology to provide customers with everything they need to know - when they need to know it.

Zennus managing moving day

Every move carefully planned

Moving in can either be a day to forget, or a positive experience. We aim for the latter and our team work hard to attend to every small detail so that when it arrives, the moment runs without a hitch.

This requires planning, excellent communication and attention to the smallest of details - all of which are at the heart of our service.

You may only move once or twice in a lifetime but our team handle this on a frequent basis, so why not let us help your customers through this tricky phase!

Want to know more about our London Exclusive After Care service?

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