The Housing Shortage and New Build Properties

8th December 2019

Unfortunately, the UK is currently experiencing a ‘housing crisis’ and this is something that we can’t ignore. Far too many people are either sleeping on the streets or relying on charity housing shelters to keep a roof over their head and we simply can’t continue like this. The government plans to build hundreds of thousands of homes and provide fair social housing in the next few years but many say that it won’t happen and even if it does, it won’t be enough. 

You may think that as a developer there isn’t much you can do in this regard but you will be surprised to hear that actually the new build properties you create can, in turn, benefit the people relying on shelters and social housing. So many people would love to get onto or move up the property ladder and many are taking the required steps to ensure that it is possible, this is where your new build properties will come into play. 

The government is concerned that there have not been enough homes built to meet the needs of a growing and ageing population. So, there is clearly a very large market out there that you can now target with your new build properties. By building properties, and lots of them, that are high-quality, fairly priced and quickly turned around you can pretty much guarantee that you will be able to sell them and fast. 

Even though as a country we are short on properties this doesn’t mean that the standard of the new builds isn’t important, if anything, it is more important than ever. You want to ensure that the properties you build are made to last and can be lived in for many years otherwise, we will just end up in the same situation down the road where the new build properties are unable to be lived in due to their poor condition, leaving people falling back down the ladder into social housing or shelters. 

Ultimately, as a developer, your role is to continue as you are, investing and developing where you can and providing the high standard of properties that you are known for. Ensure that you don’t fast track any steps of the process and that you still make sure that the whole process is undertaken as it should be. Also, don’t just forget about the properties once they have been taken off the market, you still have legal obligations and after care for new builds can’t be ignored. 

If you would like to solely focus your time and attention on building these new properties, that are incredibly sort after, then there is no harm in working alongside a professional after care company who manage snags along with any other customer care required for your properties. They can handle everything from pre-occupation surveys and de-snag surveys to snag inspections and completion of any work required.

These outsourced companies aim to deliver a professional service for the homeowner whilst unburdening the developer from the daily demands of managing the occupant. They can completely free up your time allowing you to focus on getting new properties up and ready to live in as soon as possible. After all, it is selling these properties that makes you money so, it isn’t uncommon to want to focus on this aspect of the business. 

Doing your part as a developer and creating homes that are affordable and accessible for a wide range of people will help to tackle the current housing shortage. If everyone steps up and does their bit and if the government stick to their word and build the number of houses that they say they will, then hopefully over the next few years we will see a dramatic change in the way people are living in the UK. 

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