Our system is second to none

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

To offer a great service requires clever technology, so six years ago we made a decision to invest in the best. Our system and processes are constantly evolving and have relied upon the market beating developments made possible by this world class software.

Occupants have FREE access to a brand new App - 'Managing Your New Home' which provides invaluable information and the ability to report defects using the Occupant Portal.

Contractors jobs are detailed on the Contractor Portal where they can make all the necessary appointment arrangements.

Clients (Developers, Housing Associations and Main Contractors) can see all jobs on the Client Portal.

Access in all cases is secure and available 24/7 via any web enabled device (smart phone, tablet or PC). 

Not only do we operate on the Cloud for our system, but all of our telephony is also internet based.



To go hand in hand with the Occupant Portal, we have developed an App which is FREE to download for every new homeowner. The App provides invaluable information plus access to the website 'Managing Your New Home'  ... the easiest way to access the Occupant Portal. The App can be downloaded for from Apple Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android).



Our enhanced portal now provides every occupant with an enhanced level of convenience. Reporting a defect has never been easier, with the ability to describe it and add photographs or video. Tracking
existing defects means knowing what's
happening when you need to.
For a Demonstration use the following:
Username = Elliew@afterbuild.com
and Password = Afterbuild123!



This is the beating heart of operations where contractors can find details of all jobs they have a responsibility for. An email with embedded link will take them straight to a job where they can access details and efficiently plan resource.
For a Demonstration use the following:
Username = Ashleyw@afterbuild.com
and Password = MasonMount19



As 'housebuilder' you need to know what's happening, but without having to become involved. The Client Portal will give you 'real-time' access to every job logged and the actions that have been taken. Use the scheduling tool to create reports and
analyse trends.
For a Demonstration use the following: Username = Elliew@afterbuild.com
and Password = Afterbuild123!