Ensuring a completed quality product at the point a purchaser first sets foot over the doorstep has never been more important.

  • Comprehensive service
  • Access to digital report within 24 hrs
  • Annotated photographs
  • Conducted to warranty standards

More important than ever

The general industry standard of finished product is not as good as it once was and, there are various reasons for this including …

  • Contractor short-cuts
  • Pressure to complete early
  • Insufficient contractors in industry sector
  • Lack of site management controls

Presenting a purchaser with an incomplete product is asking for trouble. No consumer wants to make the largest investment of their lifetime and face months of difficulty trying to rectify problems in their new home.

Consumers want more

Furthermore, consumers expect high standards – expectations have risen to an all time high. Any developer who has failed to spot this faces difficulties from the start, with a high cost and the potential for considerable reputational damage.


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