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Experience has demonstrated time and again that, if a property is snag-free at the point of occupation, the homeowner will be happy and, easier to manage over the ensuing warranty period. This is why After Build has developed the Snag Inspection Survey. This service enables the developer to identify and resolve snags overlooked by the site team prior to handover.

Our survey team quality-check each plot to ensure that no snag has been overlooked. All snags are concisely detailed in a photographic report which outlines everything requiring site attention and covers the aspects detailed below. To arrange an appointment with a member of our team Email:

Each survey typically looks at:

  • Decoration checked for incomplete/imperfect finish
  • Glazing scrutinised for scratches
  • All electrical sockets and switch plates tested
  • All heating and hot water systems run
  • All fitted appliances run (washers, dyers etc)
  • TV aerial/dish signal strength measured
  • Windows and doors checked for actions and hardware for damage
  • Flooring condition checked
  • Sanitary ware checked for chips, stains and cracks
  • Tiles, grout and silicone checked (floors and walls)
  • Externals (checked if required)


Between exchange and legal completion, we can meet your purchaser at their plot and carry out a full demonstration, with a well communicated explanation of layout and design, appliances, heating and hot water and defect reporting procedure. Again a last opportunity to identify outstanding snags.

At this point we provide each purchaser with a copy of our booklet ‘Managing Your New Home’, which explains how our service works and helps set realistic expectations at an early stage in terms of ‘who is responsible for what’ in a new build.

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If you require more information about After Build services you can Telephone us on 0845 456 4631 or Email: or complete and submit the form below. A member of our team will then contact you to discuss your specific needs.

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