Some of our clients have a solution for in hours but they still need support out of hours. We manage properties 24/7 and 365 days a year so our customers don’t have to worry.

At After Build we’ve put together a service to handle all of your emergency calls for a one off fixed price.


The calls will be put through our Out of Hours Emergency criteria diagnosis to ensure they are true emergencies. If we can help the customer over the phone we will by offering advice. For example, we’ll talk them through repressurising a boiler or resetting a fuse board.

For £50 we’ll register your property for up to 2 years and handle all calls. We can set the service up in our name or yours.

Sometimes we can help a customer resolve their issue over the phone and sometimes, the issues isn’t an emergency. We’ll contact your original or nominated contractor and give them the opportunity to respond but if you don’t then we’ll deploy an alternative contractor. We won’t leave your customers with an emergency, ever!

The next working day, our in hours team will send a report to you detailing any calls that came and how we responded.

We can be flexible on the criteria we use use to diagnose the problem to suit your requirements. Any tricky issue will be escalated to a senior manager at After Build for their guidance.

We can sign up new clients with just two weeks’ notice and new plots only need a few hours to be on our system for that evening.


After Build’s emergency team will cover:

  • Monday to Friday 5.00 pm to 8.30 am
  • All day Saturday and Sunday
  • All Bank Holidays (including Christmas day)

We can answer the call as After Build or under the name of the developer or development. The caller will hear a short message of greeting. This confirms that the caller has reached the emergency out of hours desk and that only genuine emergencies will be handled at this stage. An experienced handler received the call thereafter. They will establish the nature of the problem and then manage the resulting action.

Genuine emergencies are the consequences of a build defect which creates…

“A sudden and unforeseen incident immediately creating a risk to the health of the occupant(s) and/or damage to the property rendering it uninhabitable, insecure or dangerous.”


  • Drainage and plumbing
    • Toilet cannot be flushed and is the only one in the property
    • Toilet is leaking even when not in use and the leak is uncontainable
    • Bath, shower, basin pipe-work is leaking even when not in use and the leak is uncontainable.
    • External drain is blocked and backing up
  • Heating and boilers
    • Boiler fails to operate between 1st October and 31st March
    • Gas leak
  • Electrical
    • There is no electricity and the consumer unit RCD cannot restore the supply (not applicable if the utility company has cut the power)
  • Security
    • An exterior door is damaged compromising the security of the property
    • A window is damaged compromising the security of the property
    • The interconnecting door between an integral garage and the house is damaged compromising the security of the property


It is our aim to attend all legitimate emergencies within 4 hours from the initial call. We will work with the developer’s nominated contractors i.e. those with an out of hours capability. In cases where either the contractor fails to answer the call from our desk or, there are no contractors, After Build will deploy a suitable alternative engineer.

If you would like to learn more about how emergency defects can affect you, visit our LinkedIn article here. Or you can contact a member of our team to discuss aftercare any time.

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After Build are continuing to provide their service through the COVID-19 crisis. Our team are working remotely to diagnose and attend to defects, keeping customers informed and keeping contractors safe. You can find more information on our COVID-19 tab. 

We know that developers are being effected and we want to be able to help. If you need urgent assistance with after care or site services, we can help. 

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