After Care is the collective term After Build apply to a range of unique services. Individually, or in combination, each provide a unique turn-key solution to address specific post-build developer obligations.


All services are provided for a single fixed-price (per plot). Our aim is to deliver a friendly professional response to the homeowner and to unburden the developer from the daily demands of managing the occupant.

Our operation has evolved over 15 years during which time the UK new-build sector has experienced exceptionally challenging market conditions. Over this period certain aspects have fundamentally altered, making the developer’s responsibilities under any recognised 10-year warranty all the greater. The most influential are:

  • New technology
  • Quality control
  • Contractor management
  • Consumer expectation

Our team, whether site or office based are trained to work as a single unified entity sharing a common focus: “… to provide excellent after care for the new homeowner and cost-efficiency for the developer”

Homeowner contact with After Build

  • At site level (where Pre-Occupation and/or Purchaser Demonstration is taken)
  • Via the Occupant Portal (a secure web based system)
  • By telephone
  • Email

Our flexibility to cater for a wide range of consumer needs is critically important in the creation of a seamless service. In many cases we ‘white label’ the service, either in the developer’s name or the name of the development.

Call Handling


  • Provide occupant with array of options
  • Portal, email, telephone, letter, in person
  • Determine legitimacy of defect
  • Proven Q&A
  • Applying warranty build knowledge

Job Instruction

  • Raise and send
  • Detailed description
  • Request for dates
  • Contractor Management
  • All communications
  • Escalation where necessary


  • Liaise with contractor and occupant
  • Obtain mutually acceptable dates

Close Defect

  • When occupant satisfied work is complete
  • Real time reporting and trend analysis

Reporting and Accountability

  • Client portal
  • Tailored reports
  • Quarterly data
  • Escalation
  • Meetings


We recognise that every business is different, both in terms of the level of service required and the size of budget.

This may be because a service structure exists within a client’s business but may be stretched and needs support rather than a full service. Or a developer is well resourced at site level in terms of handling defects but lacks the necessary back-office structure.

We understand this and can work with you to build a service that sits within your financial means.

  • Find out more about our Lite service …
  • Find out more about our Liter service …

Our team will be happy to accommodate your circumstances and work with you to build a service that meets your specific needs.

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