Housing Associations, Local Authority or PRS projects are now a significant proportion of our clients. We’ve worked on joint ventures including mixed use and mixed tenancy schemes and, as usual, our process has been a valued part of the project. Because while most social landlords will have invested significantly in their maintenance and repairs operation the requirement for managing new build defects is quite different.

Housing Associations are Evolving

Over the last decade, Housing Associations have needed to find ways to become more commercial with their assets. We’ve seen our colleagues changing the way they view their land and lately liquidating it to release equity. When a landlord becomes a property developer, there are some process changes which have to be considered.

Take a look at this article written by CBRE about the growing PRS Market in London for young professionals.

After Build have assisted a number of newly-formed enterprises establish an excellent after care process to ensure customer satisfaction.

Housing Association

Legitimate Defects

Most landlords have the ability to handle day to day repair enquiries but need to distinguish between that and defects. If they don’t this can cost money and cause frustration to the day to day contractors. After Build’s service applies diagnosis techniques to filter jobs therefore ensuring only legitimate defects are processed. Because of this the housing association can focus on maintenance and not be distracted by defects.

We can make adjustments to our service procedure to ensure satisfaction. For example, we can take the job directly from the occupant or from the contact centre. We can work with your original contractors and your responsive repairs team to ensure the job is complete.

Finally, because of our fixed price tariffs, our clients can know their costs well in advance and provide excellent value for money.

Additionally services may include:

  • Pre-Occupation Surveys
  • Tenant briefings
  • Tenant demonstrations
  • Contact via HA or directly with occupant
  • Business improvement
  • Value for money

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During this difficult time After Build’s service continues as normal. Given our technology platform, the team is able to operate remotely without impacting on service levels – this includes Out of Hours Emergency cover.

In the event that a developer’s contractor is unable to attend a property (either because they are instructed not to, or because a homeowner does not wish it) the Property Coordinator will take full details of the issue, recording it on our system in readiness for making an appointment just as soon as matters return to normal.

Any specific enquiries from existing clients call: 01444 230333 or email: kerrim@afterbuild.com.

Enquiries from any organisation not a client but wishing to know more about our services, email: markf@afterbuild.com.

We encourage all clients, contractors and homeowners to stay safe.