With a Purchaser Demonstration we meet your customer at the property they are buying and take them on a hand-held tour of their new home. We answer any questions and set their expectations with an explanation of future service. During this useful exercise we …

  • Explain systems and technology (which helps to eliminate user error)
  • Demonstrate heating/hot water and appliances
  • Discuss the Builder’s Rectification period – who is responsible for what
  • Explain what is a defect (and what is homeowner maintenance)
  • Explain how to report a defect

The value of setting expectations

Overall we create a positive first impression with a friendly and informative introduction to their new home.  It is important that every purchaser understands what to expect if something goes wrong, once they have legally completed. If they believe that they can report absolutely anything and expect it will be resolved, disappointment will surely follow. So one of the many benefits of this service is the ability to introduce and explain your customer care process from the outset, mindful that knowing what to expect is half a battle won.

Demonstrate systems and technology

For a first-time buyer, owning and running a home is a new experience – for a retirement purchaser, house building technology has moved on considerably since their last home was built.

At both ends of the spectrum, understanding how a home works, from heating programmers to solar technology, is something that requires patience, clartity of communication and a friendly approach.


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