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Process timeline.

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We understand that the last 1% of any build is often the most difficult. You’ve been on it for months and just want to see the back of it now. But it’s the last 1% that makes the first 99% a success.

There’s a series of steps that should progress in a particular order. Omitting any of these steps will expose a developer to unwelcome problems and increased costs and, diminish the customers level of service and quality of your product at handover.

We know this given our immersive  experience in the new homes after care sector.

There are clear steps in a new home business which occur between the end of the build process through to the second anniversary of legal completion. It pays to build them into your programme and budget accordingly; do not be tempted to raid that piggy bank when costs elsewhere over run.


After care might appear superficial and a developer may struggle to see what possible consequences there could be in the absence of it!


But given our immersive experience in the new homes after care business, we’re well qualified to point out that the cost of no after care, massively exceeds the cost of after care (always).


Select your after care package.

Designed for London exclusive developments,
... the last word in service.

Simply the most cost-effective after care available to all UK developments.

A hybrid service to manage properties at developments in administration.

Reliable out of hours emergency cover for voids and/or occupied plots.

* Includes out of hours emergency cover.

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