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As the pressure to build new homes increases and the skilled labour gap widens, the volume of purchaser complaints is growing daily!

Unfinished homes and homes with snags are now numbering in the thousands and media coverage is unforgiving in its intensity, while the spread of social media platforms campaigning to publicise purchaser dissatisfaction is alarming.

Any developer without a comprehensive customer care programme risks the unhappy prospect of an expensive and potentially damaging journey. The cost of ‘mopping-up’ after the event will always be many times higher than paying to manage your warranty


After Build is the specialist customer care business. Over the last 15 years we have worked tirelessly to evolve our unique service – managing the homeowner and representing the developer during those first critical years of the Builder’s Liability period (BLP). We’re accustomed to the ever increasing complexities of managing the consumer’s expectations while ensuring that your contractors meet their contractual obligations.


We appreciate that every developer faces the dilemma of the cost of customer care versus the consequences of no customer care. But the reality is the first way is always less expensive. This is why our fixed-price approach is so appropriate. We will manage your BLP at an agreed fixed known cost, irrespective of the volume of calls we receive. To most this is a financial benefit that’s hard to overlook.

If you would like to know more, we would be happy to arrange to meet and explain the service and, more importantly how we could tailor it to your specific needs in a professional and timely manner.

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