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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

As a developer, you will already work with various different companies to assist with different parts of your business and you will be no stranger to outsourcing. Something that may not have even crossed your mind is outsourcing your customer service and all aspects of after care for your new build properties. Trust us when we say, it can make a big difference.

You may be thinking, ‘I don’t need to outsource this we have everything covered’ but, this isn’t always the case. Lots of developers can feel snowed under with the after care side of their business which can be incredibly unproductive for them. Customer care for new homes is so important and if you feel that you aren’t giving as much as you should to this then outsourcing could be the way forward.

Accepting that you may need assistance and outsourcing is the best decision is often the first step. To help you make this step, to open your eyes to how much you are potentially struggling and inform you of how outsourcing can help, After Build has looked into some of the most common signs that you require help in this regard.

If you are swamped by time-wasting demanding homeowners and they are taking up the majority of your time once they have moved into their new home then, consider outsourcing customer service for these new properties. You can work with a professional team who will be dedicated to dealing with these homeowners and will take care of all of their time-wasting demands so that you don’t have to. Just imagine how much extra time you can have with this one simple thing taken off your hands.

You also have to handle the genuine daily demands of your homeowners. There will be numerous calls, letters and emails that need attention and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Whether they are to do with defects or genuine queries, they do require time and care. Again, this is something that you can outsource to a defect management company who can handle all of these genuine demands so you don’t have to worry about getting to them quickly yourself.

Of course, it isn’t just dealing with the homeowners themselves, part of the after care you need to provide will involve communicating with and organising reluctant contractors. You may need a list of endless snags to be corrected and along with this comes organising a time for the contractors to put them right. By working with a team of experts who can raise and send job instruction, provide a detailed description of the snag, request dates the work can be accommodated and issue a 7-day notice, you won’t need to worry about a thing.

We know that you might be thinking that all of these additional things you can outsource must be expensive but, when working with a company like After Build you don’t need to worry about spiraling costs. They can provide you with a single fixed-price per plot. Knowing that anything your homeowners require can be handled without you having to pay per service or phone call is a big relief and makes the thought of outsourcing much better to the majority of developers.

An added bonus of working alongside an external professional team rather than struggling internally is that your reputation will only get better. Your homeowners will have no complaints in regards to after care and you may even find it easier to sell future properties, all of which a company like After Build can deal with for you too.

Ultimately, there really aren’t any negative to outsourcing so, if you find you are struggling with anything mentioned above then it makes sense to look into outsourcing. You will only be hindering yourself by getting snowed under with the amount of after care you will have to handle. Don’t limit yourself as a developer and prevent yourself from building and selling new properties just because you can’t deal with the after care. Outsourcing really is the way forward.

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