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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Housing is one of the principle sectors of any government’s political strategy, along with health, education, law and order and defence. It is also one of the key economic barometers … when markets are doing well, prices rise and sales flourish; by contrast, when times are tough, prices fall, and sales dwindle.

Every government for the last 50 years has sought to protect and encourage new-homes growth to meet the UK housing shortage. Availability of suitable land, planning, and finance have long been held up as the traditional barriers to unfettered expansion. Now a new problem has been added to the list – the PANDEMIC.

No one saw it coming. No plans existed for how to handle it. No one has a near term solution. Yet the PM stated at the outset that the new homes sector must continue, housing output must not be allowed to fall.

Construction has faired better than many industries. Hospitality and retail to name but two. But it has not been without its share of difficulties and there are casualties. In September alone there were 278 UK construction businesses that went into administration – that is 10 a day. When furlough ends in a fortnight, it is likely this number will increase.

Where developer’s have been able to continue to operate live schemes and, work with consumers to support the ongoing sales of new properties, many have faced difficult situations. Trades that left site have not returned. Suppliers and contractors that are no longer in business. It surely is a testing time.

As a provider of services to new home businesses, we have found, increasingly, that our help has been sought to help developers, frantically trying to survive but against all odds. Their main contractor may have failed. Key sub-contractors have done likewise or are just short-handed and cannot provide reliable input. This quickly brings with it a range of complexities that no one really wants and most simply cannot handle.

After Build has knowledge, skills, and contacts to help most developers (and HAs) through choppy waters. We are working now with clients who need stability at site level, access to sub-contracted trades, a relationship with occupants and the ability to pull all this together to recover lost ground. If any of this sounds at all familiar, speak to us – if we can help, we will tell you how.

Here is what we can offer:

  • Management of all after care – meeting your warranty obligations, taking occupant calls in first 2 years, handling defects and snags

  • Manage your remaining contractors

  • Find alternate contractors where necessary (we have access to 2,000 UK trades)

  • Manage contractors responsible for snags and defects – at site level if required

  • Provide Out of Hours emergency call management

  • Work with the warranty provider where very old problems have been reported

  • Give you access (in real time) to our system to watch as we close problems, arrange new appointments and establish a dialogue with occupants who may have felt neglected

This is what Andrew Caracciolo of London Green has to say …

Following the insolvency of our main contractor I engaged After Build who have brought the project back under control at what was a particularly challenging site. They have dealt with the whole scheme incredibly well especially considering they came on board months after PC, dealing with understandably irate customers, sourcing new contractors, sorting the various defects, and dealing with an affordable housing operator who purchased 60 of the units. I cannot fault the experience – I have had minimal contact with buyers as After Build manage the whole process and deal with the contractors on our behalf. There have been no complaints from buyers, or the contractors and we’ve taken the decision to use them on all sale schemes going forward.

With most of our clients we work with them at every development. With some, we provide short-term input when problems have spiraled beyond realistic control. Either way, we are always happy to hear from new businesses, to listen to new problems and provide structure, resource, and control to get you back on your feet. If you would like to call me for a chat, please do …


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