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More homes were occupied with unresolved snags last year than at any time before. It’s a trend that is costing developers time and their reputation.

And yet the highest proportion of developers facing this problem were those most convinced of the quality of their product. Typically the cause isn’t poor specification, but a lack of process and procedure. Not surprisingly this results in early disappointment for the purchaser and, unnecessary cost for the developer.

Last year more than 90% of completing properties had snags of which 43% had not been fully eradicated 2 months following occupation. Aside from the obvious cost to rectify, there is a matter of reputational damage, resulting in complaints and adverse reference through social media, blogs and resident websites.

There are critical failure points that contribute to the magnitude of this problem, and these are:

  • Build snag not sufficiently thorough

  • Follow through to correct snags lacks rigor

  • No system to record snags and audit progress

  • Low priority for site team

How will you fair? Do you have the system and the trained resource to ensure you don’t become a statistical footnote to this year’s analysis of customer care catastrophes?

After Build are the industry’s leading out-source customer care professionals. Our fixed-price approach guarantees cost control while our highly trained teams ensure your customers receive a friendly, responsive service. Want to know more? Follow the FULL STORY or call us now on 0845 4546 4631 (email:

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