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There are many factors that are taken into account when someone buys a property and for many, location is one of the biggest things to consider. Ultimately, if a property isn’t in the right place they won’t even look at it. Most people only move a few times in their life and usually at important stages, whether it is for work or because they are wanting to start a family, they often have a specific location in mind and aren’t willing to budge on it.

When you think about it, you can change everything about the interior of a property if you dislike it, but you can’t pick it up and move it somewhere else. This can put a lot of pressure on developers to build properties in desirable locations. A good location can mean different things to different people and with different types of properties come different requirements but, to stand a good chance at selling your new build properties fast there are a few key things to think of when you invest in land to build on.

One of the most important things, location-wise, for people who are interested in purchasing, no matter what stage of life they are at, is being close to a town or city. Even if the buyers are looking for more of a rural property we can guarantee they will want to easily be able to access a town. Not only is this important for convenience when it comes to shopping etc. But it also relates to employment opportunities which many people bear in mind when looking to purchase.

Alongside this, people also often look for things such as where their local train station and airport would be. Although the majority of people these days drive, being close to these forms of public transport is essential for some and desirable for others. Thankfully, you will find train stations in the majority of big towns, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for this and actually, airports aren’t as hard to come by as they used to be.

In addition to these things, you can pretty much guarantee that people will either be looking for close proximity to schools, healthcare facilities or restaurants and pubs. As mentioned earlier, depending on which stage of life you are at these different things can all be important to you. Again, you aren’t asking for the impossible when trying to get all of these things in one place but as a developer, you just need to know where to look.

Yes, building in places that can tick all of the boxes for a purchaser can sometimes be a challenge for developers, but you can trust that when you put the time and effort into ensuring your properties are built in the right places not only will the sell fast but usually for a much better price than they may elsewhere.

As important as it is, if you have taken your time to find the perfect place to develop you can’t just think that this is enough. You still need to ensure that your properties are well built, attractive and affordable. Not to mention the quality of your after care for new builds. It is only when you combine all of these things that you can be sure that you will be successful as a developer – especially when working with a specialist organisation, such as After Build.

This can all be quite overwhelming, especially if you are new to the industry and it isn’t uncommon for people to require assistance at various stages of development to make things run smoothly. The same way you would hire a construction team for the build of the properties you can also hire a defect management company to take care of the customer care for new builds. So, you can always rely on professionals to assist you if required.

All in all, take your time when choosing a plot to build on, this really can be make or break for your properties. Once you have chosen a desirable location, ensure that the properties you build are done so to the highest standard so that potential purchasers will have nothing to complain about. This way, you can give yourself the best chance of selling these new builds and getting the profit you were hoping for.

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