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Secure access for After Build CLIENTS and CONTRACTORS

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Want to keep abreast of our service and know how each of your properties are performing? Then make sure you register for the CLIENT PORTAL. Access your account 24/7 and see precisely how many defects are reported and what actions we have taken to instigate a solution. Use the filters to sift through data and analyse problems by trade, property, development, age, appointment, open and closed jobs. Use the scheduling tool and build your own reports then schedule these to be emailed to you at a frequency of your choice. Keeping your finger on the pulse couldn't be easier.



Need to know what jobs you have? Want to see the details and organise your resource? Register for the CONTRACTOR PORTAL now and make managing your work load a piece of cake. Take a look at 'Bid for Work' where you'll find a list of jobs other contractors have failed to accept; if you wish to offer your services on a 'paid' footing, submit your interest on a job-by-job basis and generate fresh income for your business.

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