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Good after care is resource hungry and a costly distraction for any developer. Handling the homeowner during the first 2 years of the warranty (the Builder’s Rectification Period) is a sizeable commitment that most developers could do without. Residential development is challenging enough, but today’s consumer is accustomed to a high degree of after care ‘attention’ which many businesses are simply ill-equipped to provide.

But for less than the daily cost of a cup of coffee, we can manage each plot on any development and remove this distraction once and for all time!

After Build is a specialist company, managing the developer’s warranty obligations. We are your ‘out-sourced’ after care team with over 15 years of experience; a team of very bright responsive people and the latest cloud computing technology.

Our unique approach to this growing issue is the ‘FIXED-PRICE’ nature of our service. Pay an agreed single fee per property and that’s it. No matter how many calls we handle, your costs are fixed and known from the outset. What’s more most of this is payable in 24 equal monthly amounts.

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Demanding Homeowners

Expectations have grown enormously over the last decade; in part this has been helped by the high quality of the industry’s own marketing, but we also live in an age of ‘consumerism’ where the purchaser wants more and will not hesitate to complain when disappointed. Our team of professional coordinators are responsive and technically knowledgeable which means we can diagnose most problems immediately and take the necessary corrective action.

Reluctant Contractors

Getting the original contractor to return to correct their workmanship can be more difficult than contractually it should be. Our systemised approach has been designed to provide detailed job instructions and remove the need for the contractor to make their own appointments. We liaise with the homeowner to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

Constant Complaints

Usually born out of frustration that ‘nothing is happening’ and ‘no one has contacted me’. Not only do we maintain regular contact but secure access to their own Occupant Portal provides notes and updates for each outstanding job.

Endless Snags

Increasingly more and more new homes start life with an unhealthy list of snags that were overlooked by site prior to handover. We have an additional service that can help you here too. Our team are well versed in managing the construction crew to complete their snag lists – an otherwise early cause for complaint with the vast majority of purchasers.

Spiralling Costs

After care is resource hungry, and people cost money. People cannot operate without a system, and that costs money too. But by out-sourcing to After Build you FIX your costs from the outset, which is very appealing to any business.

Time Wasting

This is too frequently overlooked, yet aftercare problems can quickly escalate, consuming large amounts of senior management time which has a very high cost to the business.

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