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Managing Emergencies

Albeit few and far between, emergencies can be catastrophic when they occur, often causing significant consequential damage.

After Build's service provides the cover you need.

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How Emergency cover works

  • We offer three levels of Emergency cover

  • Out of hours i.e. weekday evenings, weekends and bank holidays (1-2 years)

  • 24/7 around the clock cover (1-2 years)

  • Voids cover (up to 6 months)

  • If you are already taking our After Care service then OOH Emergency
    registration is included


  • Otherwise, we charge a small registration fee per plot and this means we cover all genuine Emergency calls for up to 2 years

  • A deployment charge is only incurred when your nominated contractor fails to respond to our instruction to attend the property

  • We provide your homeowners with a dedicated telephone number

  • Where an emergency is deemed to be genuine we will deploy a contractor to address the initial problem and render the property safe

  • We cover Drainage and Plumbing, Heating and Boilers, Electrical and Security

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