Digital content for After Build

5th February 2020

Our Digital content studio is ready!!! A massive thanks to everyone who has helped us set up this new little corner of my world.

A while ago, After Build embarked on a bit of a mission to move a great deal of our marketing budget (about 90% in fact) onto a digital platform. The picture above is a labor of love! It’s a space from which we can broadcast to our market.

Some of the time it will be us talking directly about our products and services. Sometimes, we’ll have colleagues and guests from across the industry.

Hopefully there’ll be some faces you recognise and some new ones too. We want you to get to know our team and to make connections between the services we offer and the people delivering them to you. Because we believe in the power of brand trust!

We want to start telling the story of our brand and our vision for new build after care and we’re hoping that you’ll be part of that conversation. If there’s a topic or a story that you’d like to hear more about then please contact us here so that we can broadcast on it.

You can also follow us on our LinkedIn page to get more content from After Build and talk to our team.

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