Our unique approach to managing the Builder’s Rectification period provides the best of Aftercare at a fixed-known cost. This means that you …

  • Avoid spiralling costs
  • Fully meet your warranty obligations
  • Know your customers are in great hands
  • Experience no more costly distractions

A Complete Outsourced Aftercare Solution

Any house building enterprise is focussed on acquiring land, building a scheme and selling it at a profit and not surprisingly that’s where the skill set is focussed. However, the industry imposes a rigorous obligation on all developers to provide a competent service during the first 2 years following legal completion (the Builder’s Rectification Period). This means having the ability to receive calls from homeowners wishing to report a problem and possessing the necessary systems, processes and people trained to manage all associated resources to deliver a suitable remedy.

Out of Hours Emergency cover

To ensure that homeowners aren’t left high and dry outside of office hours, our emergency desk covers all critical issues where the occupant is potentially placed at risk. We operate evenings, weekends and all bank holidays.


Our business has evolved to look after companies just like yours. We tailor our service to meet your specific needs and then we manage your homeowners and your contractors to fulfill your warranty obligations post-build completion.


Managing your own customers post-legal completion can be a costly exercise without suitable resource, experience or systems! And setting up to run your own internal team is a major investment.

If you get any of this wrong you can find yourself constantly distracted, in an attempt to resolve customer problems, failing to deliver a quality service while racking-up considerable expense.

After Build provide a proven and unique solution that will curtail spiralling costs while meeting your warranty obligations and delivering a friendly, professional service to each homeowner.

How it works

Our service provides every homeowner with a single point of contact – where to go when they have a problem to report. Our approach is to apply the terms of the warranty (NHBC, Premier Guarantee, BLP, Checkmate etc.) to establish the nature of the issue i.e. is this a legitimate defect?

There are various ways the homeowner can make contact – the easiest is our secure ‘Occupant Portal’. Or they can email or telephone our team.

Our response will always be friendly yet professional, aiming to quickly establish the facts and apply an appropriate solution. Sometimes all it requires is guidance or support over the phone. On other occasions we may need to make an appointment for work to be carried out.

Where this is necessary we will work through the original contractors, raising a formal job instruction and liaising with contractor and occupant to agree a day and time for the appointment.

A full emergency defect service is also available if required to handle defects out of hours.

Fixed costs with total control

Not only do we manage the homeowner, but we take care of your contractors too (or sub-contractors if you’re a main contractor). Our objective is to avoid you paying twice for something you are entitled to – a large proportion of our team’s time is dedicated to this aspect of your warranty obligations.

We are highly skilled and experienced – so much so that we’re happy to fix your costs from the outset. Irrespective of how many calls we receive, we will set your costs on a per plot basis and this won’t change throughout the 2 years of service which follow.

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During this difficult time After Build’s service continues as normal. Given our technology platform, the team is able to operate remotely without impacting on service levels – this includes Out of Hours Emergency cover.

In the event that a developer’s contractor is unable to attend a property (either because they are instructed not to, or because a homeowner does not wish it) the Property Coordinator will take full details of the issue, recording it on our system in readiness for making an appointment just as soon as matters return to normal.

Any specific enquiries from existing clients call: 01444 230333 or email: kerrim@afterbuild.com.

Enquiries from any organisation not a client but wishing to know more about our services, email: markf@afterbuild.com.

We encourage all clients, contractors and homeowners to stay safe.