Data Build is After Build’s advanced system for managing defects, hosted on Microsoft Dynamics. After Build has enjoyed a unique position in the new homes market for over 18 years and, during this time we have amassed a considerable amount of performance data. This means that we can provide performance analysis of your sites and benchmark against the market.

  • Quarterly market reports
  • Leading CRM technology
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform
  • Unparalleled defect industry data

Decision making by Data Build

Reliable information being made available allows your business to make better decisions. That’s the power of quality data because why guess something if you don’t need to?

Your business will be interested in what’s working for you and what is not. Having the best possible information will allow you to have insight into key areas of performance. And therefore, it’s easy to back up critical decision making with data build’s trends.

What we can tell you?

When a plot has legally completed, we log it on our system and thereafter every call which comes in is added to the record. Every time the occupant contacts us to register a concern we:

  • Detail the issue on our system
  • Diagnose as a legitimate build defect
  • Raise a job instruction
  • Instruct the relevant trade
  • Oversee the rectification

So we can profile trends, provide performance analysis by trade category, explain and illustrate the shift in problems reported relative to the age of the property. As a developer you can benchmark your construction performance against the industry and track this over the lifetime of your properties.

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After Build are continuing to provide their service through the COVID-19 crisis. Our team are working remotely to diagnose and attend to defects, keeping customers informed and keeping contractors safe. You can find more information on our COVID-19 tab. 

We know that developers are being effected and we want to be able to help. If you need urgent assistance with after care or site services, we can help. 

In the meantime, we encourage all clients, contractors and homeowners to stay safe.