After Build are increasingly offering their services to main Contractors. We’re helping these companies make the best impression to their client to ensure a good future working relationship.

How can you work for Contractors?

It’s typical for the client to have an After Care arrangement in their contract with the main Contractor. The contractor is therefore bound, usually from practical completion, to return and resolve any legitimate defects.

We will take the calls directly from the client while following our usual process with the subcontractors. We’ll work with the sub-contractors to ensure they uphold the terms of their obligations.

Our client is the contractor and so our obligation will be to ensure a good relationship with the client, all the while keeping costs low.

Dual Plot Management

It’s possible for After Build to manage a plot on behalf of a developer and for the main Contractors who built it. We have done it before and found that it works well.

In such cases, the job would be passed to one of our coordinators from the occupant and as per our process we would pass the job to the main contractor. Meanwhile, the same job will be received by the coordinator working on behalf of the contracting firm. They will pass it through to the sub contractor and keep everyone informed. We simply cut out the middle man!

We believe that our process can help large firms maintain good relationships with their sub-contractors and their clients. There’s also a proven cost control and an assurance that your people will only be sent to legitimate jobs.

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After Build are continuing to provide their service through the COVID-19 crisis. Our team are working remotely to diagnose and attend to defects, keeping customers informed and keeping contractors safe. You can find more information on our COVID-19 tab. 

We know that developers are being effected and we want to be able to help. If you need urgent assistance with after care or site services, we can help. 

In the meantime, we encourage all clients, contractors and homeowners to stay safe.