We explore Consumer Expectations in this section to demonstrate a genuine need for after care services. 51% of new home purchasers had experienced problems with their property, a 2017 study revealed (Source: YouGov February 2017). This means that in 2016 68,758 properties had developed problems.

The following timescales effect the process of reporting a problem

  • 10 minutes covers the period of time a homeowner takes to make the report (email/telephone/online)
  • 30 days is the target term within which any work should be undertaken
  • Half a day is the typical time a homeowner takes to be present on the day a trade attends

Applying this to national statistics the following is true

  • Based on 2.7 jobs per plot this is 185,647 jobs (Source: After Build 2016)
  • If each job takes 10 minutes to report that is 3.5 years of time
  • At 30 days waiting time (for a contractor to attend) that’s a staggering 15,259 years
  • Time spent by the consumer on the day equals 254 years

These are the consumer expectations. But what about the attending trades?

  • Average round trip of 40 miles means 2,750,320 miles or X5 round trips to the moon
  • Consuming 68,758 gallons of diesel or enough fuel to run a family saloon for 183 years

Consumer Expectations

Consumer Expectations

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During this difficult time After Build’s service continues as normal. Given our technology platform, the team is able to operate remotely without impacting on service levels – this includes Out of Hours Emergency cover.

In the event that a developer’s contractor is unable to attend a property (either because they are instructed not to, or because a homeowner does not wish it) the Property Coordinator will take full details of the issue, recording it on our system in readiness for making an appointment just as soon as matters return to normal.

Any specific enquiries from existing clients call: 01444 230333 or email: kerrim@afterbuild.com.

Enquiries from any organisation not a client but wishing to know more about our services, email: markf@afterbuild.com.

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