In recent research it was revealed 51% of new-home purchasers had experienced problems with their property (Source: YouGov February 2017). This means that in 2016 68,758 properties had developed problems.

It is estimated that the following timescales apply to the process of reporting a problem

  • 10 minutes covers the period of time a homeowner takes to make the report (email/telephone/online)
  • 30 days is the target term within which any work should be undertaken
  • Half a day is the typical time a homeowner takes to be present on the day a trade attends

Applying this to national statistics the following is true

  • Based on 2.7 jobs per plot this is 185,647 jobs (Source: After Build 2016)
  • If each job takes 10 minutes to report that is 3.5 years of time
  • At 30 days waiting time (for a contractor to attend) that’s a staggering 15,259 years
  • Time spent by the consumer on the day equals 254 years

These are the consumer statistics. But what about the attending trades?

  • Average round trip of 40 miles means 2,750,320 miles or X5 round trips to the moon
  • Consuming 68,758 gallons of diesel or enough fuel to run a family saloon for 183 years

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