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Welcome back!

Hello! It's been a while since we last spoke, but, much like you, we've been exceptionally busy.

The market continues to challenge even the most savvy of developers. So we've continued to innovate, delivering a service to support developers and their customers (homeowners) in every way we can. It is without question a tough economy with endless hurdles to test us all - but, the need for any responsible developer to provide reliable, professional after care is greater than ever. Why?


  • Because the purchaser expects it

  • Because the warranty provider expects it

  • Because the NHQB expects it

But above all, YOU want it to be a strong selling point for your business. In a tough market, those businesses who survive and prosper, are those who can identify some unique selling point that sets them aside from competitors.

This may be value for money - quality of build - site appeal - but it should also be 'service' i.e., what happens after a purchaser has purchased! This is when a developer is really tested. "Will they return if I report a problem?"

After Build steps in to manage your obligations and deliver an outstanding degree of after care ... in the most cost efficient way possible!


After Build. Working with the Developer to provide every Homeowner with exceptional after care.

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Look at the benefits!

Increasingly the new homes sector is realising the crucial importance of professional after care. After Build's service is the number 1 solution for many developers.

  • The price is fixed, no matter how many defects we manage

  • We also provide Out of Hours Emergency cover 

  • We're a national service

  • Our team is trained to warranty build standards

  • We can manage anything from 5 to 1,000 plots

  • We will pick up a development with existing occupations

  • Our technology is second to none

  • Our track record is over 20 years of successful service delivery

Keeping the homeowner happy must be an objective shared by all parties. So here's what we do ...

After Build provide comprehensive after care (including out of hours emergency cover), and this means ...


  • The occupant contacts us (not you) when they need to report a problem

  • Our trained team of After Care Warranty Controllers make sure that every issue is checked, discussed and validated as a legitimate defect 

  • Our system despatches the job instruction to the relevant original contractor

  • An appointment is agreed using the Contractor Portal

We can also provide:

  • Quality Assurance Inspections (to help eradicate snags)

  • Home Demonstrations

Handing Over Keys

Select your after care package.

Designed for London exclusive developments,
... the last word in service.

Simply the most cost-effective after care available to all UK developments.

A hybrid service to manage properties at developments in administration.

Reliable out of hours emergency cover for voids and/or occupied plots.

* Includes out of hours emergency cover.


At the heart of our service, making the homeowners life that much easier, is the Managing Your New Home app.

Available in the Apple/Google store for iOS/Android phones/devices, this app provides the occupant with the ability to seek out vital information, report a defect, receive messages and be in touch 24/7 throughout the first 2 years following legal completion (the Builder's Rectification Period).

It's invaluable and unique. 

Of course the overriding benefit for you and your business is our 'fixed-price' approach to after care. We charge a single fee per plot and provide after care for the ensuing 2 years (regardless of how many defects are reported).


And this is how we're able to deliver optimum cost efficiencies for any developer!

Tempted? Want to give it a go?

Give Mark Fawcitt a call (07342 037810) or complete or simple enquiries form.

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