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Contractor app

The After Build Contractor App has been designed to make communication with contractors, quick and efficient.

After Build provide after care for new homes. If a homeowner reports a legitimate build defect we will instruct the contractor responsible, requesting an appointment date to address the problem. If that contractor is you, we'll send an email with a link to the job details which can be found on our Contractor portal. 

The Contractor Portal provides not only details of the job, the development and the property reporting the issue, but all jobs for which you may be responsible, regardless of site or developer. This helps you to plan your time and resource and minimise workload.


We know how busy you are and keeping you informed of changes and updates is important all round. So this app will not only give you convenient access to the portal and other resources on the After Build website, but enable us to send you notifications from time to time to keep you up to speed with everything affecting you.


After Build. Working with the Contractor.

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