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27th November 2020

Over the first Lockdown this year, After Build made some changes to the way we approach the sale of our products to the construction community by bolstering it’s  business development team with an interest in reaching new clients and maximising the service we provide to our existing customers.

Mark Fawcitt, who many of you will know as the former Head of Operations, is now Director of Customer Development.  Mark has spent a working life managing and running businesses in the print industry and this experience serves him well with his responsibility for customer development.

Mark will be focusing on the commercial development at After Build and working with new and existing clients and, with Tom and Augusta will ensure our message is seen by the wider construction industry.

We have a tried and tested product and 20 years’ experience that during these challenging times has proven extremely robust to manage our clients after care. We just have to make sure more companies know out-sourcing their after care is a viable solution, both for cost and customer satisfaction”.

Augusta Lynch-Glenister returns from furlough to bring the marketing output for After Build back up to snuff. Augusta’s been working in our Sales and Marketing team for four years and in that time has taken 95% of the marketing budget online, introducing us to digital channels we didn’t know existed before.

We often think of construction as being a traditionalist industry – ancient techniques, father to son businesses – but there’s a dawning age of technology in property, and I want the way we do business and marketing to reflect that.”

Over the next year, Augusta will be talking about modern methods of construction, BIM, 3D modelling in engineering and the role of portals in customer service.

She’ll also be taking the lead on the New Homes Ombudsman, bringing us regular news bulletins so that we keep our clients informed of the changes any new legislation might mean for them.

There’ll definitely be a shift towards higher standards of customer care in the future because of the NHO. We’re working with clients already to make sure they’re geared up to meet the challenges that lie ahead and we’re excited to work with the Ombudsman in the future, to shine a spot light on defect management.”

During the coronavirus outbreak in the spring,” Augusta told us, “we saw a real reduction of marketing across the industry because everyone, our business included, was so focused on delivering the service to our clients in the face of unprecedented conditions. But now, it’s like everything’s switched back on and we want start telling the positive and important news stories.

Tom Jay-Clark is our New Business Development Manager having joined the company in the summer of 2019. Tom is a veteran of new-build warranty management having worked for some years with several recognised warranty providers. His understanding and contacts are a perfect match to the requirements of this post, and he is well placed to develop After Build’s significant position in this market.

We asked Tom what he felt the greatest challenge was for attracting businesses during this time. Tom’s said,

One of the biggest obstacles businesses had to overcome during a lockdown was how to make a presentation both internally and externally? Of course, the answer was to use technology that has been around for a while, but video conference has really come into its own now.

Clearly because of the movement restrictions brought about by lockdown, a sale-presentations via video conferencing was far more acceptable but also easier for potential clients to agree to because it took less commitment from them. So, having a well thought out readily available presentation has been key for a sales team to continue to get the message out to their prospects.

We look forward to seeing what the Business Development Team can bring to our attention for the rest of 2020 and into, an as yet, a pretty unpredictable 2021!

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