Why Purchaser Demonstrations Can Make Your Life Easier

As I’m sure you know, purchaser demonstrations take place when a purchaser is moving into their new property. They are essentially a tour of their new home where they can have all of their questions answered and all systems and technology explained. As a developer, this may seem like additional work for you, but trust us when we say in the long run, it will make your life much easier. 

When buying a new property, especially a new build, purchasers expect only the best and rightly so. If they are to walk into their new home for the first time by themselves they may potentially be underwhelmed, or start to use systems they don’t understand. For example, if the heating system is complex they may well misuse it and inevitably call you to report a defect when in fact, it’s user error.  

By simply ensuring that every property you sell has a purchaser demonstration before the buyers move in, then not only can you ensure that they are excited when seeing their home, but you can also protect other complex aspects of the property and help to eliminate potential errors. 

During a purchaser demonstration, you can also set expectations for the future. You can use this one-on-one time to explain any future services as well as discuss the builder’s rectification period. Taking the time to go into detail about this will again make your life easier, preventing confusion regarding who is responsible for what. You can also discuss defects and home maintenance ensuring that it is absolutely clear who is responsible for what. 

This is also the perfect time to clarify what to expect if any defects are found and the process of reporting these defects. By outlining this early on, you can prevent any disappointment in regard to how things may be handled. Introducing and explaining your customer care process from the outset will ensure that the purchasers remain realistic and don’t expect things that you can’t provide. 

Of course, you may be thinking that the homeowner manual can do all of this for you without needing to spare a member of your team, but we can assure you that a few pieces of paper can’t do what an experienced colleague can. New homeowners are guaranteed to have questions and they will call you every time they have a question. So, you can do yourself a favour by answering the majority of these questions straight away on the day they move in. 

Not to mention, by providing a purchaser demonstration you can also create a positive first impression to the buyers with a friendly and informative introduction to their new home. There really is no downside to these demonstrations. If you are worried about being able to spare a member of staff for these meetings, or not having the experience required to ensure they are completed to the high standard you want, then why not just outsource your home demonstrations? 

Outsourcing home demonstrations prevents you from having to worry about dealing with these yourself. You can ensure that the customer service for your new build is exemplary by working alongside an experienced company to provide your purchaser demonstrations. Take any unnecessary pressure off of your shoulders and trust that you and your purchasers are in safe hands. 

This service is something that After Build can provide you with. We specialise in purchaser demonstrations and whether you are selling your new build properties to first-time buyers, or retirement purchasers, we will ensure that we are informed of everything required. Our main aim is to make your life easier and assist your purchasers so that you can get on with various other important parts of your job as a developer.  

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