It has become a common occurrence in recent years that businesses are opting to distance themselves from actually talking to their customers. Although many corporations advertise the fact that ‘the customer always comes first’ – this is often carried out through the use of automated systems and impersonal experiences. These customer service solutions are frequently seen as a short-term cost-effective option, which doesn’t improve the overall experience for consumers in the long-term. 

What are the benefits of building your customer support team?

When customers are interacting with businesses, there is no better experience for them than actually talking to a living and breathing, human being. Having an experienced customer care team allows you to make personal connections with your target audience. When you follow the consumer code and treat every individual with kindness and respect, you have the chance to develop a meaningful relationship that makes your customers reluctant to go elsewhere with their business. 

Good after care is always going to represent a cost to any developer seeking to provide it, but by taking this road, happy customers will always cost a business less than unhappy ones. It is common practice for consumers to share their experiences when working with different businesses, especially if it’s unusually good or poor. By having a good customer service team and always delivering an excellent service, you will also be making use of the effective marketing tool – word-of-mouth advertising. 

How can After Build help you?

The new homes industry does face a significant challenge to provide a service that is easy and convenient for the homeowner to access, whilst recognising how people prefer to be treated – by people and not an online automaton. Any business that does not prioritise their customer’s experience in this way, will always fall short of providing the second-to-none service that clients now expect. 

At After Build, we completely understand that it can be very difficult to provide excellent after care for new homes, whilst running your primary business in an efficient manner. However, we are known as the new build market’s preeminent provider of outsourced after care. 

Our fixed-price approach to managing both your customers and your contractors, ensures the ultimate combination of customer service and cost management. We become the single point of contact for all homeowners from the date of legal completion for the first two years (Builder’s Rectification Period) and manage all problems as reported. 

Why should you be outsourcing customer support?

By choosing to offer outsourced customer service and have after care for new builds in place, you can provide home buyers with a stress-free experience when dealing with your company after they have exchanged contracts. After Build has developed a range of services to help the developer get their product right-first-time and provide an appropriate level of after care throughout the first 2 years of the warranty.

Would you like to understand the after care for new homes that we offer? Please contact us by calling 01444 230333 or sending across an email to Almost all of our business begins with an informal, no commitment meeting where we listen to your needs from which we can tailor a solution, designed to support the size of your operation and customer base. 

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