At After Build, we completely understand and appreciate that housing developers are looking to provide their consumers with the highest quality service, and product possible. However, in today’s modern world, consumers have incredibly high expectations which are difficult to satisfy if the developer has not acknowledged this fact from the beginning. 

However, as a business, we recognise and help developers to understand that the finished standard of new build property is anything but finished. Presenting home buyers with an incomplete property could cause an array of problems to arise, as they will be purchasing their home which is full of snags. This is not right and does not have to be the case. 

What is a Pre-Occupation Survey? 

Our Pre-Occupation Survey service is designed with a single commercial objective – to identify any building feature that is unequivocally a breach of warranty build standards. It is devised to help the developer identify and correct any snag that has been overlooked by the construction crew and contractors, before the purchaser sets foot over the threshold. 

When carrying out this service, we conduct a room-by-room approach that allows our team to identify any issues that would be considered a breach of warranty build standards. This comprehensive service lasts around 90 minutes and we inspect the floor and wall finishes, all M&E aspects, fitted appliances, plumbing, doors and windows, glazing and more. Once completed, the developer receives a detailed report with photographs and narrative which is emailed as a pdf in enough time for the site to rectify anything we find prior to a purchaser visiting their property. 

Why is it important to identify snags? 

In the UK, it takes on average 20+ weeks to build a house. During the final stages of completion, contractors and house builders tend to become ‘blind’ to things that they see day in, day out for almost 5 months. By having a Pre-Occupation Survey carried out by the After Build team, we would have a fresh set of experienced eyes which will quickly identify snags that which would otherwise have been overlooked. 

It is the housebuilder’s responsibility to check and fix any defects before the sale is completed. If these snags have not been spotted, and rectified, before the homeowner and home builders have completed exchanging contracts, they have the right to report these to the developer at any time throughout the first two years of the structural warranty – increasing the demand for customer service for new builds. 

The cost of an average survey is 0.1% the value of the average new home in the UK – a very small price to pay to have happy customers. 


Our excellent customer care team, here at After Build, would be more than happy to arrange an informal, no commitment meeting to discuss our range of services. This would allow us to listen to your needs from which we can tailor a stress-free solution, designed to support the size of your operation and customer base. 
If you want to know more about the After Build services, including Pre-Occupation Surveys and outsourced customer service, please contact us on 01444 230333 or send across an email to If you would like to better understand the resource you will need to provide the best customer care for new homes, and what this will cost your business should you decide to build your own internal team, you can use the After Build cost calculator on our website.

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