In the UK, home buyers spend on average ten times their annual income when they buy a new home. The expectations of consumers are now higher than ever, as they are essentially investing in the greatest financial commitment of their lives. 

The average couple will move-house 5.7 times between the ages of 20 – 60 years, which equates to a total expenditure of almost £1.4 million. Therefore, based on the huge financial investment required for a new home, buyers of new-build properties have good reason to expect only the very best after care in dealing with any snags or maintenance issues for their new property. However, it can be difficult for non-specialist customer care teams to cope with the huge number of diverse issues that can arise. 

The quality of experience that clients receive really does depend on the commitment and organisation of the builder or developer from whom the property has been purchased. Thankfully, there are few organisations that only care about the bottom line, and who are willing to sacrifice long term reputation for shoddy after sales customer service. 

However there are many more companies who believe that one of the measures of a good business is customer care and how well a consumer has been looked after all along their customer journey. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, some teams may find it difficult to develop the internal resources required to fully satisfy the expectations of new-build buyers in the post-completion period. 

Finally, there are businesses focused on long term success whose ethos is to deliver excellent customer support from end-to-end and who will ensure that the resource to guarantee this is in place from the outset. 

How do developers cope with the demands of customer care for new homes?

The businesses whose main priority is to deliver exceptional customer service experiences often opt to outsource some responsibilities of their customer service team to dedicated specialists. By deciding to work with the new build markets’ preeminent provider of outsourced aftercare, such as After Build, they can help to improve the entire experience of customer satisfaction. 

How can After Build help to improve your customer’s experience?

At After Build, we work with developers from the date of legal completion for the first 2 years of the structural warranty (the Builder’s Rectification Period). These developers have already recognised that they lack the internal structure to deliver all the post-build services necessary to support their customers, and are looking to enhance their customer care management. 

We completely understand that people lead very busy lives, so when a problem arises in their new home, they want it resolved with the least amount of pain and fuss. It is our purpose to be the single point of contact for every new homeowner when they have a dilemma.

Our approach is simple – diagnose the problem (e.g. what is the likely cause of the problem being reported), agree a date for a contractor to attend, raise a job instruction and get the problem resolved. 

You can rest assured that each of our property coordinators is trained to warranty build standards, so they understand what questions to ask to get to the bottom of a problem. They also have direct access to all the original contractors who were involved in the construction of every new property. 

To understand our services to provide the very best customer care for new builds, please contact us by telephoning 01444 230333. On the other hand, you can also send across an email to We would be more than happy to arrange an informal, no commitment meeting with you, in order to establish how we can best meet your requirements and develop the best, cost-effective solution for you. 

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In the event that a developer’s contractor is unable to attend a property (either because they are instructed not to, or because a homeowner does not wish it) the Property Coordinator will take full details of the issue, recording it on our system in readiness for making an appointment just as soon as matters return to normal.

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