The Benefits Of A Home User Guide

In this day and age, it isn’t uncommon for property buyers to opt for new build homes over purchasing older properties. People expect these new build properties to be more expensive and they are happy to spend more, however, they expect more in return. They don’t just expect an exceptional property but they also exceptional additional support and after care. 

As a building developer, you have enough to focus on from buying land, designing new builds, organising builders and also orchestrating the whole process of development from the beginning to end. 

It isn’t uncommon for people who purchase new builds to have numerous questions, in relation to their property once they have moved in, which they demand answers to. One of the quickest and easiest ways to answer these questions is by providing a home user guide, sometimes called a homeowner manual. 

You will essentially be providing a complete guide to the new build property. The same way you would read an instruction booklet when you spend a lot of money on a new electrical item, your buyers will read and get comfort from a home user guide. Simple small problems can be avoided when your homeowners can refer to their home user guide. It will become their comfort blanket and will prevent them from hassling you with lots of simple questions. 

Simple small problems can be avoided when your homeowners can refer to their home user guide. Whether they blow the electrics whilst trying to test their smoke alarm or damage the worktop by placing hot cooking utensils on them, these issues are all avoidable. Simply outlining general and electrical operational instructions in your home user guide will not only help your buyers but it may also cover you from having to complete any repair work if they went against your written advice. 

Things go wrong and sometimes they are unpredictable, however, not all new build issues that happen once the buyer has moved in are the developers’ fault. The home user guide is the perfect place to outline exactly what a defect is with regard to this particular property along with what you will fix as the developer and what is down to the buyer to fix. Having these things clearly outlined will prevent any dispute in this regard. 

You can provide a copy of the snag survey in this guide and outline your procedure for any additional issues that the buyer may find. A home user guide is also the perfect place to outline warranties and ensure that your buyer has a copy of their home warranty. Keeping important information like this in one place for your buyer will make things much easier for you in the long run. The guide will include information regarding the equipment and features installed in the home, local council and utility providers, waste collection services and details of these, along with information and contact details for local amenities. Providing these answers before the question has even been asked will make your life much easier as the developer. 

We often complete home user guides/home owner manuals for developers, ensuring the guide contains the necessary information. We provide a complete bespoke level of service to all clients, including purchaser demonstration services or assistance with customer service for new properties.

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