Snag Management for new homes

Would you like the very best Snag Management service for new homes? If the answer to that question is yes, then you should visit the After Build website today. Based in the South East, we can provide you with a wholly reliable and proven Snag Management service. Because we’re experts in the work we do! Our service has evolved over a decade which means we can handle all Snags between practical completion and purchaser occupation. If you have a Snag problem, we are the ‘go-to’ company.

Who provides Snag Management

We are an established national service provider operating in the new homes sector. We want to relieve developers of the stress that comes with snag management. Our experienced property inspectors usually apply the relevant warranty build standards to each plot or yours if needed. We focus on what a customer will see. This will include decoration, glazing and all M&E systems. At the end of each survey we will provide you with a detailed report supported by annotated colour photographs. If you require then we also have a de snag service.

Our involvement at this early stage achieves a number of objectives; we identify Snags that have otherwise been overlooked by both contractor and developer. This intervention provides the relevant trades with an opportunity to correct problems before the purchaser completes. If we have been engaged to Defect Manage as well then we already have a knowledge and recorded history of issues that were addressed and resolved at the outset. Our staff and systems provide a friendly and professional response to all situations. We always remain mindful of the need to handle the developer’s problems with exceptional skill and care.

Do you want the very best Snag Management service for new homes? If you do then contact a member of our customer service team today. If you require more information about After Build’s services you can telephone us on 01444 460 120

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