What is a Snag Inspection Survey?

Our Snag Inspection Surveys will identify any build defects or snags in a new build home. They are typically carried out before legal completion. A build snag is technical and carried out earlier whereas our survey relates to the occupants perspective. 

A trained team member will inspect every aspect of the new home which includes M&E systems and decoration. We pay attention to glazing and sanitary wear which we know is easily damaged. Our teams will run all of the heating and plumbing systems, inspect all windows, doors and furnishings. 

Do I need to have one for every home?

We believe it’s necessary for every new build home to be snagged before legal completion. We snag properties at this stage because we want to give contractors the opportunity to fix problems before customers move in.

There are consequences when a customer moves into a home which isn’t finished. An abundance of snags creates a trust problem on day one which can make for a much more dissatisfied customer throughout the DLP.

Although your properties might be standard, the customers are not and spot checking only some of your plots could leave you exposed.

Why should we outsource these checks?

The more times you check a plot, the more likely you are to identify and resolve problems. Although the construction team will likely be carrying out a build snag, we believe it’s necessary for a third party to check the plots.

Our teams are trained to look for snags from an occupants perspective to eliminate issued they would pick up. We apply the warranty provider’s standards as a minimum or yours if that’s appropriate.

We are neutral coming into every plot. Whereas anyone who’s worked on the project already may not find it easy to see the mistakes.

We can work to a flexible timetable depending on your completion program and where your plots are.

If you’d like to learn more about how our snag inspection surveys work, give us a call today.

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