After Build quantify their service by a range of measures. Are we more performance and cost efficient? Different clients experience this in different ways because of how they resource their after care and how much this costs them. Aside from reducing overheads, outsourcing provides many other benefits:

  • No recruitment costs
  • Training costs are not applicable
  • Sickness or holiday costs are not a problem
  • Office space costs no longer apply
  • No concerns about IT costs

Here are four case studies. The amount of client resource varies in each situation depending mostly on the size of their company. After Build has established the true cost of after care. Each study is a pdf which can be opened and printed and in the meantime you can read an outline below.


A small family business building 25 plots a year. They managed their after care with a mix of full and part-time Administrators. Their experience has been gained ‘on the job’ with no formal training. Recently the business began to feel the strain of complaints which has led to the resignation of their only full-time employee, leaving their business exposed.

After Build achieved cost reductions of 81% and improved performance by 63%.


This operation had grown quickly building 50 plots a year meanwhile, their resource has not grown. With a resource of two full-time people, a After Care Executive (ex-site) supported by an experienced Administrator. The major issues were costs. Additionally they didn’t have a system to record problems With the volume of issues becoming unmanageable complaints were frequent. The After Care Executive was  constantly playing catch-up, personally attending plots to carry out minor repairs which only compounded issues further.

After Build achieved cost reductions of 74% and improved performance by 50%.



A sizeable company with sales of £25M. The after care department was formed around a part-time Administrator,  a full-time Administrator, an After Care Executives and a After Care Manager. Recent commitment to a system designed to handle defects was falling short of expectations. Additionally, a general lack of process was making customers feel that the developer was disinterested in their concerns.

After Build achieved cost reductions of 74% and improved performance by 40%.


A major business with annual output of 600 plots. The customer care department consisted of two full-time Administrators, two After Care Executives and a Senior After Care Manager. Recruitment and training costs presented a headache but of significant concern was ‘Management Distraction’.  Most problems were the result of poor control. This is typical of larger operations and highlights the need for procedures, reporting and good decision making.

After Build achieved cost reductions of 39% and improved performance by 25%.


If any of these situations are sounding familiar to you then you should consider calling us to discuss how we can help you. If you want to improve your performance or become more cost efficient then we want to hear from you.

You can read more about the implied cost of new build defects in this 2018 article on the Global Construction Review

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